KIM WALLACE | Stoneware bud vase ~ White on Stone

$13.65 $39.00

Cute little bud vases, made from stunning sand-coloured, slightly textured Australian stoneware clay.

Master moulds were created from a collection of antique little bottle vases, replicating their shape and bringing the treasured finds back to life. Liquid clay is poured into the moulds, left to set for the desired thickness and the excess slip poured out. White gloss glaze on the inside, unglazed on the outside.

Available individually or as a beautifully boxed gift set of 3.

This listing is for the bud vase only, flowers/foliage not included.

Approx. 11.5cm high ~ AU$39.00
Small: Approx. 10cm high ~ AU$36.00
Tiny: Approx. 7.5cm high ~ AU$29.00
Set of 3 (1 of each size above) in gift box: AU$99.00