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What would you house in your new trinket niche? A favourite scent? Shells or pebbles gathered from a place that holds a special memory? Vintage heirlooms passed down over generations? Mementos from your travels near and far? Or perhaps (last but not least!) your most prized jewels? You decide and curate your own display of pieces you treasure or that bring you a moment of happiness when they catch your eye.

 Trinket niche I measures 28cm tall x 20cm wide, and each niche is approximately 5cm deep. Each piece is handmade with love, so will have slight variations to the original pictured. It features small ‘hooks’ inside the longer niche to the right hand side which can be used to hang necklaces, or house a slightly longer items like a small narrow vase, feathers etc. The remainder of the niches vary in shape and size, to display whatever takes your fancy, your imagination is the limit.

Rendered with an intentionally rustic finish for the ultimate Mediterranean vibe. Recommended for indoor use only.