Frequently Asked Questions

 What is Rattan?
Rattan is a lightweight and flexible long-stemmed vine that is mostly found in South-east Asia. Rattan can grow up to hundreds of meters long, making it an abundant, sustainable resource. It is extremely flexible, durable and eco-friendly.
Is Rattan sustainable & eco-friendly?
YES. Rattan can grow up to 2cm per day, that’s up to 3 meters in only 6 months and harvested within two years, compared to some hardwoods that can take 20-30 years to grow.
The use of Rattan in furniture helps to preserve forests by reducing the need to source wood from trees and preventing deforestation. The harvesting and crafting process is all done by hand and does not require any machinery, which means providing more jobs for inhabitants of the area to help boost and maintain a sustainable economy.
 Why does the colour vary between pieces?
The natural fibres of rattan have their own unique tones, making each piece of furniture never the same.
 How do I maintain my rattan furniture?
  • Clean your furniture often
  • Keep it clear of debris using a soft microfibre cloth
  • Use a toothbrush or any other fine tool to remove any stubborn soil or debris
  • Fill a bowl with water and dishwashing liquid, collect the bubbles only with a soft microfibre cloth and wash the rattan surface - you can use your toothbrush to help clean in the crevices
  • Let the furniture dry well

 What is the delivery wait time?

Estimated dispatch of an item in stock is within 24-48 hours.

Estimated Delivery 4-7 Days

Wait times can vary if the item you are after is not in stock. It can be about 10-14 weeks until you receive your item.

 If the item is in stock, it will be shipped from Mackay, QLD at standard shipping rates and delivery times are dependent on the shipping provider.
What if I want a specific rattan product but can't find it on your website?
We can try our best to source exactly what you are after, just head to the Contact Us page and let us know what you are looking for.
 Where does the furniture come from?
Our pieces are handmade in Cirebon, Indonesia.