Vintage Champagne Glass Set Burgundy 150ml (6)

$29.00 $79.95


Do you want your dinner parties to look 100 times classier without spending too much? Well, the Royalclub Vintage Champagne Glass Flute Set is your one and only solution! These premium glasses will make your dinner setup Instagram-worthy and might even make your party worthy for royalty. Part of our company’s vision is to make any home dinner feel and look like royalty without splurging too much-- and this glass set is the perfect example. 

The design says it all. The attention to detail is superb with these meticulously crafted glasses, and anyone of your guests and family members will instantly be impressed!


BD7 x H20cm

Glass Type: Lead-Free Highball Glass

Technology: Machine Pressed

Dishwasher safe

Packing: 6pcs in a box

22 x 15 x 21 = 2.2kgs